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Nathan's Surprise Proposal to Melissa

We were contacted by Nathan, which lives in Kentucky, about 1 month prior to his trip to Florida to propose to the love of his life, Melissa. His first concern was, "It's gotta be a total surprise". We already know, when it is a surprise destination proposal, it's got to be special. Photo Announce It! are experts at this, we have a game plan that your partner in life won't see coming :) Nathan's request was a romantic walk on the beach, after a traditional Florida seafood dinner at Mad Fish Grille on St.Pete Beach. He wanted them to gaze at the ocean and dream of their future together. I say Nathan got it right, Melissa could hardly contain her YES! We choose the perfect spot for a romantic evening on St Pete Beach, FL, that was not over crowed, felt a bit exclusive and even had a breathtaking row of rocks that turned out to be the perfect backdrop for beach sunset photos. Here is what Nathan had to say in this own words about working with Photo Announce It! "The pictures are beautiful.  You did a amazing job we love them and so does every one we know. You are a amazing photographer.  We couldn't have asked for better pictures.  We are both so glad the I picked you. Thank you so much."   Nathan, we look forward to be a part of capturing amazing memories for your wedding day, Thank you for always choosing Photo Announce It!

Sunset Engagement photo session St Pete beach, FL

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